27 July 2008

today's promises...

apparently the coloring book wasn't challenging enough for Walker...
he even had to try the wet surfaces inside the mouth, thank goodness it wasn't a Sharpie! speaking of product placement...we had some Dove Promises today, and Wilson LOVES to have me read what the wrappers say (he also gets a big kick out of the Popsicles with jokes on the stick and go-gurt wrappers with the joke answers on the inside...) I had to photograph our "promises" today, I don't really get why they are called promises, but...

DECORATE YOUR LIFE...notice the background, I would say mine is well decorated =)
and please, could this be any more perfect for this little man... BE MISCHIEVOUS, IT FEELS GOOD


  1. Love the blog today! A great read! I also loved looking at the pictures on Brad's blog. I'm glad he got to have a little fun...and good food. One day at a time...isn't that the truth?! God's been telling me something along those same lines recently!

  2. Yes Yes Yes...that little guy is an amazing person, and I would say that he is definately one of those talented artists just working on his technique! HIDE THE DOG! Did Wilson get the foot massage...after all you have the decorations and Walker has mischievious down pat!

  3. I think at one time Rene (it seems like it was Rene, I could be wrong) made a comment when Nathan was younger, something to the effect that hanging out with Nathan was like spending a day with Richard Simons. I think Walker may have Nate beat. What a busy, mischievous little guy he is. Also quite cute just like his big brother. Love Meme