18 July 2008

warp speed...

I mean, really??? this was FIVE years ago????first birthday
fourth birthday
today...five years old. FIVE. YEARS.
how is it possible?
we had a super duper day! Wil opened his presents before 9am so he could tell Daddy all about them. He let Walker open one nearly everytime he did. (Of course, this is the first year that Walker really grasps the idea of presents, and now thinks they are all for him. And because he unwrapped some for Wilson, he is even more confused.)
I will try to put a little slideshow up tomorrow, as well as some video. I think Wil had a great birthday...and more to come. We are going to the amusement park in Oklahoma City on Monday (military monday we get in for 50¢ each). My friend, Jenn, will be watching Walker for me, so it will be just the two of us. Wilson told me the other day that it is going to be kind of like a date. And then said, "this is going to be my first date, I think."


  1. What a cutie!!! Goodness, it goes too fast, doesn't it?! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Oh Wilson, your cake turned out so nice. I can't believe you're 5. It sounds like you had a really good time on your birthday. I hope you have a nice "date" on Monday, you are too funny. Love Meme

  3. He was such a beautiful baby, and he just gets more handsome every year. Meme

  4. The Clements Crew19 July, 2008 05:54

    Love the cake... what a great job!!

    First date.... who better with than mommy. Your boy is so wise and I love all of the cute things that he says.

    We are going to miss ya'll while we are on vaca...
    Much love,

  5. haha, his first date! How sweet is that = )

    That reminds me...jesse is almost 5! I had a hard time when Yael turned 5. I can't imagine how I'll be when Tuck turns 5 = (

  6. Hey there Wilson! What a grand cake you had and your favorite too, CARS. Hope you had a spectacular birthday and a great time at the amusement park. What great events the army has for their families and at great rates too! What a blessing. Have a wonderful "date" with mom on Monday!

  7. Wish I could be there for all the fun, but I'll see you all soon and we'll plan on doing a few things then! I love the cake, and the fact that Walker LOVES to open presents....I'll have to wrap more often! I'm sure you guys will have fun on your date, and I bet Walker will have a ball too!

  8. THose pictures make me want to cry, he's getting so big! I can't even imagine how you feel.

  9. why are they getting bigger? and, did you know are kiddos are so close? luke will be 5 in september...i could cry ,really. oh, i love your blog..so many great pictures. wish i could visit you...