05 July 2008


we had ice cream cones after our dinner & a movie tonight...notice we tried them outside instead of in the bathtub this time!yesterday, at Barbie's house, the kids were playing around, and Jenn's older son was playing around with her younger son, and she said, "nothing gives me more joy than to hear my boys laughing together." (or something really similar to that.)
So tonight, I just enjoyed their laughter

I had to snap a close-up of our messy little man...
I couldn't help but remember last year...
and throughout the day, I was just overwhelmed with joy for the health of our boys this year. And thankful for the lessons I learned when we said good-bye to our little man in the helicopter. I still get emotional just thinking about it, and I can get a knot in my stomach remembering the moment I froze on that heli-pad when we turned to walk away. How thankful I am that Brad was by my side. And when he prayed, peace rushed over me, and I knew we would be ok...no matter the outcome, and at that moment, I had no clue, what that would be.

I got a glimpse that day into the lives of parents with a very ill child. And I hope I will always remember what it feels like. I pray that I will remember, and choose my words carefully if I am ever the one to comfort a friend.

I told Walker today that he got to ride in a helicopter this time last year. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "CAKE!" So, he totally gets it...

I must emphatically say, God is good, all the time!


  1. Nothing more enjoyable, on this earth, than hearing the laughter of your children! Sometimes, in the midst of living life, you tend to forget to stop, listen, and enjoy the sounds and sights of your children. I love the picture of the boys on the sidewalk. Absolutely adorable.

  2. Clements Crew06 July, 2008 11:39

    Amanda, thanks for posting this... just confirming that our kids don't need us to buy them things or have their schedules so full... they just need us to spend time with them and love them(have an ice cream cone).... and listen to their laughter. Thanks for not allowing society to set the standards for your family.... everytime I look at your blog(daily) I am reminded that God is in control and that He is a loving God. Thanks for sharing your memories with us all.

  3. Amanda,
    Those are the memories that stay with you, the little quiet snapshots of absolute joy, they come back to you as an adult, when your children are grown and gone...you remember running madly around a room with a little one chasing you and laughing with joy...God gives us those times all of our lives we are truely blessed.