13 July 2008

weekend alliteration

Blood- that's right y'all...Walker found my stash of razors in the little toiletry bag in the top drawer. Knicked himself in a number of places... his index finger was the worst, I had to resort to google to figure out how to stop the bleeding...where is a medic when you need one??? Of course, Walker did not. shed. one. tear. just had blood all over himself. And since I am not THAT committed to the blog, I waited until he was taken care of before I took pics...

Birthday party- Wilson's buddy, Caden, turned five this week. The boys had fun at the pool party, and Wilson was super excited to hit the pinata...

all the kids were happy to scavenge for candy!Barf - ok, again, not that committed to the blog so no pictures of this one. (and no, I don't think I have used that word since the early 90's) Walker got sick last night, then tried to crawl in the tent with his brother afterwards. I knew when I opened the door, something very terrible had happened in there. Thankfully, he seems fine today. Perhaps too much candy at the party??

Bugs- they are strong little buggers. Whatever they are. Here are a few shots, one with my index finger to give you an idea of how tiny they are...

and the black specks here by the front door---a bunch of these unknown species--- Another call to housing is on my list for tomorrow...

Burnt popcorn- If you are planning on visiting anytime in the next month, I am guessing you will still be able to smell it. I stepped outside to check on the bug colony in the backyard and forgot about our little snack in the microwave...

Bubbles - Walker dumped all of the Bubble Bath into the tub tonight while I was running the water...the bubble bath that I bought on Wednesday. At least they are clean...and feeling better, so far...

at least our weekend wasn't Boring!


  1. Good grief...too much excitement at your house!

  2. I don't think your life will ever be "boring" with Walker around! He will either keep you on your toes or on your knees! But. . . life will always be interestingand you will always have something to blog about!

  3. PS don't feel bad about the razors, several of the boys got into them before, Ben even chewed on one. . .

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! ;)
    Someone once told me that the amount of trouble a little tyke gets into during those toddler years is directly proportional to their intelligence level...Walker is a genius!

  5. I checked my phone...nope you didn't call your mother to find out how to stop the bleeding....I would have told you to apply pressure, and ice if things were too bad. Not a tear huh...that boy is something else! He must be destined for great things, or at least "a great many things"! I think every little kid in history has gotten a hand on a razor at least once!

  6. I give you a lot of credit for handling Walker by yourself. I don't think Josh and I would both survive if Tim wasn't around.

    We've come close to having a razor crisis. Hopefully I can remember to keep them out of the way. If not those than something else, right!