08 August 2008

Lutz Lanes - open for business

We had some ongoing electrical work (some guy was doing something to the fuse box, which required him to turn the power off for a half hour... twice) in our house this morning, so we opened a bowling alley in the living room... Wil took this VERY seriously...
and was less than happy with the interference from Mussy!
our little pinsetter made quick work of the job (when he wasn't throwing a fit because his turn was over...) Yes, those are priority mail stickers, I thought I ordered a roll of priority tape with my boxes, but as it turns out, it was stickers, we found a use for them today...
and for dinner, grilled pizza... SUPER easy, quite tasty! (We had to change up our regular pizza picnic & a movie night because of a b-day party tomorrow).


  1. The Clements Crew09 August, 2008 06:02

    If you didn't live on post you could open a business... Lutz Lanes. Bowling and pizza. But I am sure that post would have a problem with that because of the competition it would cause for the bowling alley currently on post. HA HA
    You have such fun at your house. I love how you find the positive in the situations that you are in...way to go girl. And look at all of the new things that you are learning while Brad is away... lawn mowing and grilling( I am really jealous about this one... I want to learn to grill really bad, but we have charcoal). I know this is not an easy time for you, but you are handling this deployment with a great attitude and that is passed onto your boys and to others in your lives.

  2. You are doing a great job Amanda...I pray continually for you and Brad while he is away. I pray for your strength and encouragement.