25 August 2008

monday, monday

so, today was the first full day of Wilson at school ALL day and me not running around crazy... I decided to rearrange the boys' bedroom, while doing so, Walker decided to sort through the games... Isn't he a thoughtful & helpful little man??? Just trying to make my job easier I am sure *wink* I wanted to take a picture of the boys' room after Walker woke up from his nap. But he was kind of clingy, so we just sat on the bench and watched for Wilson's bus to come. Then Walker puked. (I attributed it to the Hidden Valley Ranch he ate with his carrots, I do believe he is allergic to something in that stuff.) After I got him cleaned up he wanted to sit in his stroller while we watched for the bus. Trouble is...he threw up in the stroller. So when I tipped the stroller over to spray it out, I flung the camera onto the sidewalk and the batteries flew out of it... Later when I put the batteries back in the camera, I was hopeful. It let me reset the date. Then it shut down. The lens doesn't move, just makes noise. I wanted to take a picture of it, so you smart blog readers could possibly diagnose the problem...but the camera doesn't work. So I drew one instead.
See the stroller...and the camera...and the batteries. What do you think? And if I can't get it fixed, do you think these types of drawings will suffice for keeping Brad up to date on the daily happenings around here???

At least I have Wilson's camera... I'll have to ask Walker where it is =) (By the way, he is feeling quite a bit better, rumor has it there is some sort of stomach bug going around; but I still think the HVR is suspect... oh, and if you are wondering, no, he did not have a fever).


  1. I especially look forward to reading your blog when it's been a long or hard day. I can hear the sarcasm in your voice (in a funny, good way) as I read the words on the screen. I am really sorry about your camera. If it's not well by this weekend, maybe JC can look at it? I do have a nice 35MM that you can have...but I know that's just not the same. Hope Walker is feeling better and Wil had a good day.

  2. Boogie has been sick to her stomach lately, which has not been good. Exorcist scenes have been running through my mind...
    I'm sorry to hear about your camera :( It seems that I dropped my old camera about 1 million times and am surprised I never ended up breaking the thing.

    Stay the course and don't let satan get you down. Have a great day today!

  3. Not to make you feel worse, but our old camera had the same issue...and we ended up having to buy a new one. I guess it just got dropped one too many times. It happens to the best of us, and it's not like you did it on purpose, so I wouldn't beat yourself up over it.

    Your drawing was fabulous, by the way. Better than I could do!!

    Hope Wally is feeling better today!

  4. How much fun was it sorting out all the games???? LOL just love that kid! Glad Wilson made it to school today and is feeling better but poor Walker. Hopefully it was just the ranch dressing and not the stomach virus! What a way to start off the fall season too!

  5. It looks to me from your drawing that the actuator for the lens may have been bent. Now if you open the door where the battery goes, and stand on your left foot with your right foot and leg outstreched to about waste high, then stick out your tongue....it just might work. If it doesn't work after this, check with me to see if I've put a replacement in the mail yet, what brand is it? BTW, the church just dropped the nikon d40 that we bought, and I am expecting a replacement lens sometime this week....grrrr!