21 August 2008

oh, have I overlooked something?

...like updating the blog. To say I have been busy would be an understatement. And besides, my most favorite reader has been away from the internet this week... But, our PWOC kick-off was today, and I have been hearing the Hallelujah Chorus in my brain all afternoon. It went well, very well, and I was not the least little bit stressed as the program unfolded. I was just blessed to be able to take part in it...

But, with the preparations for the Kick-Off program, I have been negligent in my photo-taking, and since some of you might be experiencing withdrawals of cutey-patooty-ness; I thought I would post some pics mom took last week... she's pretty good with a camera =)

Here are some shots she took of Walker while Wilson was at his first day of school...I swear he is growing up into little boy faster than possible. Vocabulary is exploding...and oh yeah, the potty training...HE ROCKS (he takes after his daddy I guess-- the 'rocks' part, y'all) He just wears a diaper to bed these days...and for naps if he is on Barbie's bed

Here we are in GeoTrax land. Wilson associates Yaya with GeoTrax and they always get set-up when she is here. The track was so big all three of us could run our trains at the same time. We have continued to do this in the evenings this week - after dinner, before baths. I think a project for the weekend will be to move the track to the living room and put away the Little Peeps for awhile...

Wilson picked out a shelf at Hobby Lobby (poor kid, he wasn't much into Hobby Lobby that day), and he wanted to make it with Yaya. So he stayed home with Yaya Sunday while Wally and I went to church. They painted on the patio......and here is the finished project before school Monday morning. Yaya made it out safely Tuesday, only delayed one day (which probably felt like 10 to her, because she was here for our folder-stuffing, tile-making day...and the toddlers that come along with the respective women on the planning team!)

The bus has been growing on Wilson. He did tell me tonight before bed that it is too bumpy. And that sometimes it feels like it is going to tip over... hmmm...

He will probably be using his first sick day tomorrow. He has been running a little fever in the afternoon, but in the morning he is fine. But today was the third time, so I am going to get him to the doc tomorrow.

And, I am very optimistic about his teacher... I could fill a few more screens on this, but let's just say we are blessed. And Wilson told me he has made one friend so far, his name - Abraham. Awww... really, I love that name...

As for my most favorite reader, I have heard from him more often than I expected while he has been in Uganda. He is enjoying being in a new place and says it is beautiful. I asked him if he was falling in love with Uganda... He has been in a smaller town during the week and will be back in the town where he went rafting for the weekend. He is well & I am thankful. (I have been using his deodorant the last few days just to smell him... just wanted to see who was still reading, but yes, that is a true statement)

Ok, perhaps, just maybe, I can get back to more timely posts in a day or so...


  1. So glad that you were able to spend time with family and that the big guy is taking the trasition to school full of grace. Praying still for your family,

  2. Sounds like you are all doing well. I imagine that the deoderant is a comfort. Imagine is all I can do though. Can't believe W2 is doing so well w/potty training. We're back to ground 0. Oh well. What are your plans for Labor Day? We'll be in town if you aren't doing anything!