01 August 2008

oops I did it again...

...in case you hadn't noticed from many of the blogposts, ice cream cones after dinner have become a bit routine around here. Well, last night we had an FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting right after dinner, so no ice cream. These meetings provide childcare in the same building which is convenient, but the childcare room lacks some of the draw of the regular childcare center. Oftentimes, one or both of the boys is hesitant to stay, but I tell them our meeting would be much more boring for them. (Usually its just news we have already heard or them reminding us that their orders say 15 months, but that could change...but plan on 15 months...)

So, both boys did well and had fun. As a treat I thought we could get ice cream cones, you know the $1 cones at McDonald's. Well, then I thought I would check BK on post, no ice cream cones there. So, I determined Braum's was closer so went over there. We talked briefly with Grandpa Carl while in the Drive-thru, (he is on his way to Sturgis today for the Harley thing... Can't wait to hear about that!) Dad, of course, strongly questioned my judgement when I said I had to pull forward in the line "You are giving them ice cream in the car?" Which would've totally been fine if...

I hadn't bought myself one. Because mine was such a tasty treat I drove a little faster down the interstate... oh so tasty. I saw the Oklahoma Highway Patrol approaching on the opposite side of the highway, tapped my brakes naturally...

He pulled through. the. median. and. did. a. u-turn. to flash on his lights (again, I pulled over before the siren could complete a cycle).

Wilson pipes up with "this is twice now, Daddy has zero." I said, "Just look friendly and polite, ok?" (While they are getting more and more ice cream on themselves...) Mr. OHP kindly states that I was driving too fast and asks for my license and registration. I shakingly give it to him, hoping he doesn't spot my ice cream cone in the cup holder and assume I was distracted by its tastiness as I was speeding along.

I explain, again, to Wilson that Mommy messed up, I was driving too fast, Mr. OHP is doing his job, and Mommy needs to learn to slow down and obey the laws, because speeding is breaking the law. Meanwhile, having a conversation with God about the fact that I know I totally deserve this ticket. My last written warning is still hanging on my bulletin board as a reminder that we don't get what we deserve (because we deserve death, but God gives us grace, and my little written warning serves as a tangible reminder of that and was actually used in my Bible study devotional that I gave before Brad deployed, oh yes, I knew I deserved it this time...)

I look in my rear view mirror at Mr. OHP, hoping he writes this up quick before the backseats are covered in chocolate ice cream... He walks back up with his notebook and a pen, and says, "Sign here please, and slow down. This is a written warning, it will not impact your insurance and you don't owe anything."

Are you kidding me? He never did say how fast I was going, I think it was around 71. He did drive. through. the. median. to. pull. me. over., so I thought for sure I would get a ticket, I know I deserved one. Another reminder, I guess, that we don't get what we deserve. So often, we get caught up in thinking we have earned something by our hard work, our sacrifice, etc; but regardless of what we have done, we still deserve death. The wages of sin are death. But because of the sacrifice of our Father, we get life. We get grace, we get mercy. And we get a Father that will remind us of that on the interstate sometimes...

And I did learn another lesson...never buy an ice cream cone for yourself in the car, because if the tastiness is distracting, your kids may end up eating theirs in the car for twice as long as you expected, and once again you will have to admit to dear old Dad that he was right....

obviously, the boys were unaffected by the whole thing, aside from the reminders from Wilson about Daddy NEVER being pulled over... At least he didn't mention these statistics in front of Mr. OHP.


  1. kids always have a way of reminding you of what to do and what not to do! Love the pics of the kids with their cones! Walker looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his! LOL unfortunately we all, well not all, get reminders from time to time about speed laws!

  2. What do you think, did I ever get pulled over with you in the car?

  3. I got pulled over a week or so ago in one of those click it or ticket zones. The new booster seat law had just taken effect here, so they were running seatbelt stings all over. I went through the zone fine the first time. The 2nd time I waved at the officer on the corner, was minding my p's and q's...not doing anything wrong, when from out of nowhere I got pulled over. The cop approached the door and asked me how I was doing...to which I replied I was a little freaked out because I didn't know why he was pulling me over. He assured me it was no big deal, just wanted to know how old the girls were because they looked a little small in the backseat...It took me about 5 miles to quit shaking.

  4. "Just look friendly and polite, ok" Geez, that sounds just like you, Amanda! ☺