24 August 2008

really, its the little things...

ok, you know by now that my hubs has been gone awhile, and low and behold--I miss him. Yes, its true. However, I do believe, wholeheartedly, that the God of the Universe is bigger than the Army and He is the one that has ordained this time. With that knowledge, I choose to find Him in my days rather than blathering on about how horrible & awful my life is...because in reality, its neither. With that said, God has been teaching me that the little things really matter.

Here is a phone call I got this weekend (Friday? I don't know, who says you have to keep track of your days anyway?)

Barbie: Hey, I am at Wal-Mart. They have dry erase boards that were $12.97 marked down to $2.50. I am trying to think who could use them...

Me: Well, I have been wanting to get a stop sign and a speed limit sign for the boys' room. They are $9.97. I want to wait until they are on clearance.

Barbie: Girl, they have 'em. They are $1.50 each.

Me: WHEE! Get me one of each please!

The boys love their signs. I hope to hang them in their room tomorrow...

But with that said. Its not about the Dry-Erase signs on clearance. Its about the blessing of friendship. And man, have I been blessed (again, not about the stuff...). I am thankful for my friends. Thankful that they value a good bargain, but more thankful that they love my Father and encourage me in my walk with Him. What a shame it would be if I missed this blessing of friendship because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself...


  1. That is so awesome! It's so cool that Barbie thought of you and the boys...and it's funny when you mentioned the speed limit sign I thought of the one Bubber has in his room...I was thinking we'd have to send it to Big Willie. Then I got the bottom and saw that he got one, too! SUH-WEET!

  2. Good job as usual Barbie! Sorry I missed out on the chance to see you when I was down....Next time we have to "do lunch"!

    Amanda, my devotional this morning was "God isn't finished with us yet" Thank goodness we continue throughout our lives to be introduced to those people that God has put there to guide us, help us, and share with. I am also blessed and feel more at peace knowing that Barbie and others are there to help carry you and Brad through this time apart...he works always through all the tools he provides.