22 August 2008

round here...

if you can't beat 'em join (but be careful when you do...) we broke crayons the other night and organized 'em in an egg crate (one of my friend's told me she saw this in her son's K classroom). So, as I was ripping the paper off one of the last crayons, I asked Wilson, "Are the crayons in your classroom broken?" He looked at me sort of puzzled and said, "NO." So apparently the note was district-wide, but not all the classrooms are participating... at least we can practice proper-small-utensil-grip at home... we got our FREE welcome home banner in the mail this week. This company was offering free full color 3'x5' banners for service members' families... all we had to pay was shipping which was about $7.51!
here is Wilson's morning routine guide... thankfully Yaya had brought some printable magnets from the dollar tree along with her. We photographed his routine last weekend and printed these babies up for Monday morning. It helped A TON! Instead of nagging, I could just ask him how many magnets he had left to move (he moves them down below the arrow each morning as he finishes each step...the arrows were my leftover guidelines from my latest uppercase living project).
Speaking of my latest uppercase living project, I got the entryway done! Technically, I did get the word "freedom" free from the last party I ordered from, and then I got the words "isn't free" for free from my party... but you do get the meaning, right?
and we are trying to get settled into our routine...Wilson did have a sick day today, and tonight Wally started with the fever too. I am glad we switched pizza & a movie night to tonight, although we might end up watching another one tomorrow if the boys are too sick for the pool party (bummer, I TOTALLY hate to miss a pool party...oh, you sense the sarcasm?)
Hoping & praying that this fever-thing doesn't take a turn for the worse for either boy... And I mentioned in the last post that I have been busy this last week or so, but I can't believe I missed this... I think our neighbors moved. We share a wall, we live in a duplex; how could I have missed this? In my defense, I DID notice their fence was down yesterday, and I thought maybe their poor dog died. But tonight a crew came and cleaned up the yard... I will have to do some recon tomorrow... but if I am right in this conclusion, could y'all start praying for our new neighbors?? Preferably the type that don't make fun of people that mow with allergy masks on...and no, those are NOT the ones that moved, naturally.


  1. Love the entryway! Looks awesome! You can tell in Wilson's eyes he doesn't feel well. The magnet idea is terrific, and I absolutely LOVE the banner! I hope other army families take advantage of all the free things as you do! Truly a gift and a blessing.

  2. The Clements Crew23 August, 2008 07:19

    You have been a busy girl. I love all of your great ideas. You are soooo creative. Hope you don't miss the pool party....but I understand totally. Hope the boys feel better. We will be praying for nice neighbors....maybe I'll call post and see where our name is on the list. HA HA. We love ya'll.

  3. Hey, Yaya's back....well, at least I had ten minutes to myself this morning so I can look at the blog and be amazed by all things new...no, that doesn't mean I have anything new on mine....honestly do you think I went up the stairs at the house and turned on the computer NOT! Anyway if there were a chance that Barbie would ever move onto post the house next door would be the only place I can imagine! Everything looks great and I'm glad you had a moment to notice the neighbors are gone...poor Skoka though, that's was her buddy...at least she would have like him to be! Can I get kicked off here if I get too wordy? Too bad!

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  5. Hey Wilson I think it's time for a wrestling match ...Don't you? Come on up and we can have one! Grandpa loves you....and Walker I think we need a walk or two ...Hey We sure miss and love you all ...sorry the communication is so slow I think of you all often, read your blog and pray for you more! Love the attitude Kid...God's blessings!
    Dad Lutz