17 August 2008

sesame street live...

...came to our post on Saturday. Woo-Hoo! Here are the boys & Yaya before the show, with their spinning toys and bag-o-freebies! Wilson was watching intently
Elmo and friends were shakin' their tails (well, technically, I don't think they have tails)
We all enjoyed the show!
Oh, I think I forgot to mention that it was TOTALLY free! Thanks to Sesame Street and the USO. Isn't that fantastic? Oh, the spinning toys were free too... and postcards to send to Daddy, and stickers, and temporary tattoos...


  1. The Clements Crew18 August, 2008 14:20

    YEAH USO!!! I love that organization. I know we have reaped the benefits of the USO when traveling and while overseas. I am so glad that you had a fun time and it was within your budget... FREE!!!

  2. YEAH for you guys! what a great gift from the Army. They do some awesome events for families! What fun and I bet the boys had a ball and YaYa too! How was Wilson's day today? Did he ride the bus again home?

  3. school went well again, we are trying the bus again tomorrow. Today I picked Wil up early so we could take yaya to the airport...but her flight was delayed, so she is still here !!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! And it being FREE and getting free stuff is always awesome! Good for you guys!

  5. How awesome that you got to see SSL for free! I won't tell Puckey, she'd be a little jealous, since Elmo is pretty much her favorite!

    Hope everything is going well, and that Big Willie learns to love riding the bus!

  6. wow!!! free!! that is so great...what a gift. that thing is so expensive to go to!!! and, the school pictures..oh my word. they are sweet. i have been thinking a lot about next year...and then feeling sick. i am so glad he enjoys school....noisy buses...i remember well.

  7. Man, that looks like so much fun! What a neat thing to get to do! Hope YaYa got home safely!