05 August 2008

sidewalk paint...

so last night my pictures wouldn't load into blogger... but Mr. Wally J woke up about an hour earlier than normal, so it seems I have time to do so now... yippee for me. By the way, today is a big day, enrolling the big man in kindergarten... wow!

On to the pictures from last night... We had suckers on the bench instead of ice cream last night, and they do not hold the interest as long (sometimes I wonder what is wrong with these boys; but this morning, Walker pulled his off the counter, broke it and was eating a hunk of it before my coffee was even brewing). Back to the point, Walker wanted to "PAINT" last night...although it sounds a little like "PANK/PINK" when he says it, I know what he means. Wilson got the crayola sidewalk paint set for his birthday and the boys BOTH love it. But that means we went through the paint pretty fast. And its not cheap. But my genius sister recommended I look for a recipe online, which I didn't really do, but stumbled upon one on a blog...and it was so easy I could remember it--equal parts cornstarch and water...then add food coloring. VIOLA! it is sorta messy
Wilson made a "mom" mural for me....awww...
and I had to make a little anniversary ♥ mural for my love...
by the way, the reason Walker was wearing the chef hat is that when I said we could make our own paint Wilson pulled out the apron and hat and headed to the kitchen. It mixed up so fast, Walker didn't have time to take off his hat!
they love this splatter brush...

and look honey, its all cleaned up and we're ready to check the mail!
added bonus it was easier to spray off than the crayola paint and did I mention it is CHEAP!


  1. That looks like a great idea!! I'll have to try it out sometime soon. Puckey loves to do artsy type stuff!

  2. Thanks, devoted "fan", for leaving a comment!!!

    Sometimes I'm just shameless, aren't I? But we all like to know that others like us now and then, don't we?

    (And thanks for padding my numbers by checking my blog a bunch every day - it helps!!!)

  3. i am catching up today!!! oh, so glad to see you all enjoyed the paint!!! we loved it...