29 August 2008

this week -- with pictures!

watch out geek squad... I googled this here camera that I borrowed and figured out how to "finalize" the disc to get the pictures off. Next thing you know, I will be designing my own internet... or something geek-squady like that.

Here are the pics, that sort of go with the last post... Walker has fallen for these safety goggles, even wanted to wear them for his nap the other day.He is very independent these days, and likes to put on his own 'flop-flops.' Not always on the right feet...See I told you he got off of the bus happy...here are some pics of their room after I moved it around the other day (the day the camera broke)

and here are Wil & Gavin at the spray park on post

and all three of them running around
Today was the 'all-school' walk, so Barbie joined Walker & I to accompany Wil's class on the walk... oh good times... Here is Wil working on coloring with GREEN, GREEN the DANCING QUEEN...We walked a half mile to a playground and when we got there Walker thought he was one of the big kids...Barbie snapped this shot of us, Wilson was long gone... I gotta hand it to these Kindergarten teachers, there were nearly 100 five-year-olds on this playground and they were very well behaved and followed the rules smashingly well. The only issue was the two kids that got stung by wasps... you can't really blame the teachers for that though. (Oh and the mom that was asking a soldier for a cigarette...weird!)

Now I haven't been able to verify this anywhere, but I think maybe, just possibly, Senator McCain found out that I wasn't quite sure how I felt about him as I stated yesterday. And I think, like I said - I haven't confirmed this; but I think he may have selected Gov. Palin as his VP pick just so I would say I ♥ McCain. (Maybe he thought I wasn't the only one that was uncertain...) Anyway, I nearly missed my big girls' lunch because I was watching her speak. Good stuff, y'all. Plus, HOOAH, her son is in the Army. Can you say PAY RAISE?? Just kidding, apparently she doesn't roll with self-serving corruption in government offices. Can I get an amen?

ps. I am having some technical difficulty with Picasa and wasn't able to edit any of my pictures. maybe I am not cut out for the geek squad afterall... shucks!


  1. I'm glad you got your camera issues straightened out. I loved that first pic of Wally with the goggles. HILARIOUS!!

    What can one say about McCain picking Sarah Palin, other than
    WHOO-HOOH!!!! It's about time!

  2. Its great to see some pictures and what's going on with you guys. I just cracked up at the picture of Walker and the goggles. He is so cute. It looks like Wilson is enjoying himself at school. That's great. And what a dynamic match McCain and Palin are! I am excited to see how they work together. She is a great choice.

  3. Ah how refreshing to hear some voices in favor of someone other than the other guy! Yeah...by the way, I would still consider you geek squad eligible, just maybe not the super hero kind...better leave that one to the experts, besides sometimes it's great to feel needed. I loved seeing Wil get off the bus happy!