28 August 2008

this week--without pictures

I am apparently unable to blog well without my pictures... and I just didn't feel like sketching tonight, as an artist I really must feel my work before I can put it on paper... I am sure that was obvious from my last post.

Barbie & Curry loaned me one of their camera's but for some reason ding-dong can't figure out how to get the pictures off of the little round disc onto the computer. So, I will tell you a few things about our days...

I did take pictures of Wilson happily getting off the school bus today. (To prove that it could be done).

We went to the spray park after school today with Gavin & Nicole. It is nice to have them back in town...even though poor Gavin has to wait for-ev-er to play with Wilson.

I still ♥ PWOC. Oh, that place blesses me each week. We started our studies this week (well, met our groups and got our books) and half - let me say it again- HALF the ladies are new in my class. I think that is SO cool!

I cooked more food for the freezer. 5 ground beef recipes which translates to 10 meals in the freezer (some split 3 ways and some split 2). I will admit, the meatballs & sauce smelled gross and they may end up at a potluck. (Oooohhh, that's kinda mean, huh?) Also, Wilson LOVES meatloaf and this recipe was all-healthy-and-what-not and had shredded carrots and zucchini, so he may not be thrilled with that choice. But the others looked & smelled yummy. And we ate one that was really delish. (Tortilla Casserole or some such). This week we have eaten really well and I haven't had to spend much time in the kitchen after Wil gets home so I am LOVIN' this!

Also, Brad should be back at his regular place later tonight. He wasn't exactly looking forward to that. He is hoping to work out details for his R&R dates. Praying God's will over it. I am getting so excited... trying to reign it in a bit for the sake of these cute little boys that I haven't posted pictures of in a few days...

One last thing, I tried SUPER hard to like Barack Obama tonight. I liked the video intro. Teared up a bit when he mentioned the love of his life and my heartstrings were given a little tug when he talked about his girls. But, I gotta say, once he started talking politics, I was out. Just can't do it. With that said, I do, in the deep parts of my heart, believe he wants good things for America. He just has a very different idea of how to bring that about successfully. Very different he and I. But he loves his wife, loves his kids, and loves his country. For that, I can say I like him. But I do not ♥ him. (Sorry Barack. If it makes you feel better, I am not sure that I ♥ McCain either.)


  1. The Clements Crew29 August, 2008 05:30

    I'll bring you the USB cord for the camera... it can be a little tricky to get the photos off.. I forgot about that; sorry. It is wonderful that PWOC has so many new women!!! Praises to God!!! Do me, your friend, a BIG favor... be sure to tell me which crock pot is yours at the next pot luck... if those meatballs are that yummy I want to be sure and stay away...
    Waiting to hear when Brad is coming home is difficult...he will be here before you know it. Can't wait to meet Wil's teacher this AM and walk... but the best part is our girl's lunch later today and we are going to a grown up restaurant!!!!!

  2. I am soooo glad you and Barbie get a big girls lunch! Woohoo! You were very informative on the blog, thanks clements crew for the loan of the camera...they say here in the office that some things don't rub off too much...but Amanda, chances are your computer couldn't find that disk...Love you all wish I was there to watch the boys!

  3. thanks for the inspiration with the meal plans. i was able to order the book from our library and I look forward to digging into it! you guys are in my thoughts and prayers as brad is serving and your are single parenting it!! oh...and i love the racheal ray comment a little while back! she's my favorite!