15 August 2008

we have lift-off!

here we are before we head out the door... (it was not intentional that we were both looking at something across the street, this was the best pic on my camera; I haven't seen Yaya's morning pictures yet). Wilson wanted to ride the bus to school, but when I found out that it gets to school half an hour early for breakfast I made a compromise with Wilson... I would drive him in the morning & he could ride the bus home.
Sitting with his classmates before school started...
Ok, seriously, I was so nervous waiting for the bus. Mom took more than one picture of me twisting a paper clip in my fingers (I am Bernice's granddaughter). And Walker could hardly wait for brother to come home!
Here he comes... looks like he's happy...
... he still looks pretty happy, right?
and this would be the picture of him saying in his sternest voice, "I am NEVER getting on THAT again!"
And there was not much joy or talking on the way home...

Finally, I got it out of Wilson that there were too many kids talking on the bus and it was TOO noisy! I asked if the bus driver had to yell at everyone and he said 2 times to tell the kids to sit down. We were the only ones waiting at the stop, but about 12 kids got off.

THANKFULLY, he LOVED the rest of the day! He peed twice, ate all his lunch, saw three other teachers, got a hug from Mrs. Colby (his old TALK aide), and colored. That is all the info I have gotten out of him thus far.

Brad was able to IM from his hotel room so he did make it safely to Uganda. I have no idea what the time difference is there, but he is planning on RAFTING THE NILE tomorrow. How cool! And while IM'ing I asked Wilson what he wanted me to tell Daddy about his day and he said, "Tell him, I loved it." And I asked him, what about the bus? And he said, "Tell him I hated it. Too noisy." So, there it is in a nutshell. One day done...

Oh, and for inquiring minds. Very. few. tears. Most of them stayed within my eyes. On the way to school, for the sake of my excited little man, I held them in--I did not want to burst his bubble! And on the way home, well, I kind of had that peaceful feeling flood over me, and I thought to myself, the same God that got me through dropping Brad off to deploy is certainly more than able to carry me through this. And really, in that perspective, it made it a whole lot easier to drive away from that school. Knowing he was right there, exactly where he should be... and that he would be home in his bed tonight, exactly where he should be. He is good. All the time.


  1. WOW!! What a great first day. Definately not what I thought he'd say about the bus..that's okay.. school isn't that far. I remember Logan's first day of kindergarten..now she's off to the 6th grade. I love the pics... you did great today. Isn't it wonderful knowing that God is in control and He is looking after everyone that we love. Seems like all the new kindergarteners in my life had a great first day. Tell Wilson we can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Okay, I can SO hear Wil say that! Can't wait to hear about Brad's trip AND to see you tomorrow!!! Don't forget to BLOG those Uppercase Living pictures!!! :-)

  3. way to go, mom, for holding it together! Wilson looks so cute! Its still hard to believe he is old enough for school, as it seems like just yesterday he was born!

  4. WE just got our computer back today. Wilson you looked awesome on your first day of school. Love Meme