09 August 2008

weekend stuff

...thought I would show you the 'welcome' sign I added to our front door, a freebie from my first Uppercase Living order... isn't it...welcoming? the boys were riding bikes up & down the front walk this morning... Walker was waving a checkered flag yelling, "ready" and "go!" (while running...with his helmet on...)

he took a break to attempt to ride on the big boy bike
snack break... frozen go-gurts!
I don't think they understand what a tandem bike is... I know there must be some safety violations here, right Brad? Don't worry, they didn't move more than 3 inches like this, I just thought it was cute...
and finally, a shot of my new favorite craft project...anyone local, I would LOVE to make one for your kids, so fun, simple, CHEAP! (I had looked at ordering silhouettes online awhile back...way too pricey... why I didn't figure this out on my own is beyond me, it was so easy!) I found the steps on this blog...
Originally I was going to make them for the boys' bedroom, but then the blue matched our bedding so well, and when I went through my scrapbooking box (no, I don't scrapbook, the fact that I have a box devoted to scrapbooking stuff is the reason why I don't start, can you imagine how much I would have if I actually did scrapbook...oh my!) I found the perfect green paper with blue swirls!


  1. LOVE the silhouettes! You are so creative!!! You haven't gotten the Uppercase Living order in yet, have you??? Can't wait! Love the Welcome! I need to repaint my door before I put mine up! Hope to see you tomorrow!

  2. Great silhouettes of the boys. I love those, always have. One year one of the kids teachers did that. I thought it was so cool. Never thought of freezing the go-gurt. I just might try it and we actually have some in the frig too! It won't be long and Walker will master riding the bike with training wheels. I love the shot of the two of them on the bike, thankfully Wilson didn't put Walker on the handle bars. . . .

  3. I love this post!!

    Frozen go-gurts - who knew? What a great idea. I think that's a snack all 5 of the kids would like. (YEAH!!)

    And the silhouettes?!?! Wow, I'm glad you found that blog, so now we can all steal that lady's cool idea! I'm thinking CHRISTMAS...As a matter of fact, I just thought how cool it would be to make the pictures a little smaller and get one of those frames that holds 5 pictures, so they could all be in the same frame....uh-oh. I feel a project coming on!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. OK, I don’t know if the tandem is a safety violation or not, but it sure does look uncomfortable for Walker! I always get excited at seeing all the wonderful things you create. Love Sandy

  5. Sandy,

    If I remember correctly, you're the one who rode Wilson around in a Milk Crate in Canada.

  6. Bradley

    And Wilson loved it!!! Hope all is well. Love Sandy

  7. What a great idea!!! Another craft to add to my list of things to do = ) At least this one would help me get something on my walls!