12 August 2008

yaya's arrival

Sunday, Yaya arrived for another visit (she had to come hold my hand when Wilson starts school on Friday). We met Jenn & family in Oklahoma City before heading over to the train station. We went to a spray park...
...the boys thought it was SO cool!
Then we had a pizza picnic, and I forgot to take anymore pictures...
...until we got to the train station in Norman.
Walker covered his ears the first time the whistle blew. Wilson got more & more excited every time he heard it.
It got really LOUD as it came into the station...
but it was fun to watch its arrival!
And even better when we found Yaya!


  1. I don't think I know of a state that seems to have such fun stuff to do! That spray park is awesome and its so cute to see the boys totally enjoying the water! Love the poster for ya ya! I bet she was so excited to see you all! What fun for the kids to see the train come into the station and to wait excitedly for her arrival. Its not very often, these days, that you see people waiting for the train! How cool! What adventursome events you have!

  2. How cool! I am so glad YaYa is there to hold your hand! Have a great visit!

  3. I'm so glad your Mom was able to be down there for you. Both of the boys are getting so big. Love Sandy

  4. Hope Yaya had a good time on the train! It was fun to see you guys!

  5. umm...the things we do for our kiddos! we hit the train today...:) your craft pictures of the boys...oh my, they are GORGEOUS....i am doing that project!