04 September 2008

after dinner snack

m&m ice cream bars (don't buy them, they fall off and stain the pavement...in a place that rarely gets rain, that is kind of annoying...) but the boys love them... at least until they fall off the stick! oh, they are cute, aren't they?
seriously, he is not a gangsta yo. I didn't realize that I hadn't adjusted the adjustable waist on these pants, until he got off the bus this afternoon. Poor kid, lucky he didn't get sent home for not following the dress code--no saggin' allowed yo.
and this one... with his brother's shoes on the wrong feet...
see... almost ready to fall to the ground...

it was a beautiful evening...

Oh, Jenn, I saw your comment about Gov. Palin. Her speech was well-written and well-delivered. I liked a lot of the content too. I just wish it hadn't had so many attacks. I thought we were 'above' that... I guess the VP role is the attack dog though, so she did it well. I was pleasantly surprised by McCain's speech tonight! Y'all! He was all about uniting the country and returning to the basics. And then when he started on his personal experience as a POW (which he rarely speaks about himself)... wow! I thought it was unbelievable. He's not a great public speaker by most standards; but that is ok with me. I am excited to see where things go from here!


  1. Ah, I can feel the breeze! Looks like a fun time for boys and a fun time for you! They sure are looking grown up and I haven't been gone very long at all!

  2. I never even seen those treats here! We have enough problems with ice cream bars falling off the sticks. Love the sagging pants, he would get a ticket if he lived here, they just passed a law about it! CRAZY! Guess thats one way to get the money this city needs!