16 September 2008

as promised...

...haircut pictures! They look so old right after a fresh cut! And this was a quick one too... we drove from the commissary to Suzy's... it was 4:55 sometime along the way. We were backing out of our parking spot after the haircuts at 5:08! Wow, they don't mess around at Suzy's (well, technically, rumor has it that they do in the backroom -- but we don't go back there...)


  1. Okay, boys are too stinkin' cute and you are hil-ar-eous! Haven't had time to post on your blog lately. But, I love it all! And I appreciate the laughs I get while reading it. I can't wait to see you guys next Thursday. I hope you have a long list for me!!! ♥ Jenn

  2. Who are those two young men in that picture?? I thought it was going to be a picture of Big Willie and Walker?? LOL

    While I'm at it, here's some reminders. You need:

    to make an extra pot of coffee as soon as you drink yours

    to call and make an appointment for mussy's hair

    to make a grocery list & meal plan

    to NEVER leave decomposing grass in a cardboard box in the garage (ewww)


  3. For being done so quick they do a great job of cutting hair! And of course they look so absolutely cute.

  4. Okay...Walker had a growth spurt! He looks like he slimmed way down and shot right up....get the bricks out he has to stay LITTLE!