01 September 2008

can you believe tomorrow is Wednesday already?

EEEEEEEEEEE! The days, they are going by quickly... some parts quicker than others...

Ok, I just had to show you how many security items Walker has in bed with him tonight... I can see five... FIVE! And I know his blankie is on the other side... He actually looks for some of these things before bed, although tonight he has a brand-new addition, that came by mail from Grandma Lutz - an Austin from Backyardigans. And because I was taking pics of little man, I had to take one of big man. Isn't he dreamy before bed???
Shout out to the Clements crew... Curry matted our family picture & some pics of the boys. I finally got to use my $4 frame! And, you know, I had to add an Uppercase Living expression to it...(seriously, if you host a party, you get a lot of free stuff...I did anyway!) =) It says, "The Family is one of God's masterpieces"
And looky, looky, we got a new camera today. I am hoping to get acquainted with it tomorrow.
God is good, all the time. He provides what we need, and often so much more!


  1. I love the photo collage, that is absolutely beautiful! and SU-WEET about your new camera! So glad you see the blessings, large or small in your days. Glad the boys like their backyardagains too!

  2. I was looking for your comments on Palin. Did you watch her speech?! I think the frame turned out awesome! You have a great eye for great buys AND what to do with them (and Curry's so kind to use his talents to help so many!). Your new camer looks like fun!

  3. Love everything and glad the Lord even provides when we run into a stroke of clumsy, pucky, stuffy and more!

  4. Boy, that Curry is so talented. Has he thought of taking over for Martha Stewart when he retires. I love the picture of the boys. Wilson you have the most handsome brown eyes ever, they look like your Daddy's. Love Meme

  5. I love the pictures...a very elegant way to use a $4 frame! You'd never know! Very nicely done!

    BTW, i nominated you on my blog for one of my faves...just wanted to let you know you're important to me!