12 September 2008


Walker has figured out that he can move his highchair in order to gain access to more places in the house... (I may have inadvertantly taught him this Tuesday when I had to change the battery in a smoke detector...oops) He was a'hopin' to get the goods before I walked back into the kitchen. Of course, he just tilted his head and squeaked with his highest-most-angelic-tiny-voice, "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzz", when I walked in.
And you know, if you give a mouse a candy... his big brother is gonna want one too!


  1. The key is to leave the candy down where he can reach it(like at my house) and then he doesn't have to climb. I am noticing a pattern when he comes over... he wants a drink and then he heads right over to the M&M's. Of course how can you say no when he asks in such a sweet voice???? Well, at least I can't because he's not with me all of the time... and if I sugar him up and then give him back... oops did I say that out loud????? We love your boys.

  2. It seems like our boys get the same ideas at the same times. Josh loves to move chairs and stools around and I even found him walking on the counters one day. AHHHHHH = )