14 September 2008

driving Miss Mommy...

Driving with these two is getting to be really fun... You know, just around post or occasionally an adventure to Wal-Mart or Suzy's (maybe some hair cut pics tomorrow)...

So, in the car from the back seat, I hear:

Wilson ask, with a touch of disgust in his voice, "What? You just turned without turning on your blinker?" He's 5! (Who notices that??? From that angle, with the radio on???)

Walker insists, "go Mom go!" at every red light. I have tried explaining the red light phenomena to him, but he just replies, "GO Mom GO!" So, now I just rear-end the other drivers to prove my point - oh, I am kidding, but that might have happened once in my mind.


  1. The other day, Puckey reminded Daddy to put his seatbelt on, and she's always telling me, "Faster Mommy, FASTER!!!"

    That part about rear-ending people was pretty funny, btw!!!

  2. That's too funny about the blinker. Nathan used to watch my speed and also how much gas I had in the car.It got to the point I'd cover the gages with a piece of paper so he couldn't read the speed and run and tell Carl. They're growing up to fast. Love Sandy

  3. Those are some good pictures of wilson and walker, amanda. but i also have some good news for you i was wondering if you guys are still in lawtom,ok by christmas time i might come visit you guys!!!

  4. Nate-


    We will be here... as long as the creek don't rise...

    fill me in brother!

  5. Backseat drivers already = ) At least they aren't driving yet right!