21 September 2008

hold on to your hats...

...what's a new blog post without a picture of one of Walker's crazy (outfit) concoctions? My other question is, do I start to worry now???? And if not now, when?
Wilson is practicing his joyous smile for Daddy. We will probably be rehearsing our happy dances all week! There is going to be a Lutz Jamboree here next weekend! (Did I mention we are getting excited for Daddy to come back? Oh, I did...)
Wil has been organizing in preparation for Daddy's return. This, of course, is only done willingly when it is HIS to-do-list and not mine! He spent nearly an hour in his bedroom yesterday and then a long time getting his train tracks just right today.
Oh! I did warn you to hold on to your hats, right? Mr. WildMan went potty and when I heard the flush I wondered what he was doing (he usually just runs in and out on his little potty - no flushing involved). All I could do was turn around and grab the camera! This was no accident - spiderman swim goggles, a Lincoln Log corral gate, and Wilson's Jr. hat...
...at least he said "sorry." Maybe he did accidentally drop it all because of the SOCKS ON HIS HANDS!
thankfully nothing (that I know of) actually went down the toilet. I half blame the Kohler commercial with the man, the lady plumber, and the bag of dog food in the toilet - you know the one??? (Which, by the way, I have always hated because of the premise, but now I can hate it even more!)


  1. HE's too cute with those socks on his hands! Gotta love the little man. Wilson is so serious ... organizing, such a little man. I'm so happy Brad will be back soon. love sissy bo

  2. EEEK! If you thought starting a weedwacker was hard, now you will have to get your plumbing skills in order! :)

    Very cute little men you have!

  3. Isn't that a Britney Spears look? JK! We're all excited to come help prepare & celebrate with you. Cam keeps asking about "Walker-Wilson house".

  4. he most definitely will keep you on your toes. Gotta love that smile; I think it covers a multitude of sins!

  5. I can't even imagine how excited you guys are about Brad coming home! It will be a graet homecoming. Those boys are just a hoot! And I love the toilet incident! How classic!