15 September 2008

sentence fragments

sorry I forgot to take haircut pictures today... remind me to get the camera out tomorrow.

And while you are at it, remind me:

  1. to make an extra pot of coffee as soon as I drink mine

  2. to call and make an appointment for mussy's hair

  3. to make a grocery list & meal plan

  4. to NEVER leave decomposing grass in a cardboard box in the garage (ewww)

I could keep going (probably) but I can't remember anything else right now.

My brain is on stand-by.

We are getting excited around these parts.

Time is c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g.

I mean c--r--a--w--l--i--n--g.


I imagine its worse for Brad. EEEEEEEEEEEE... we are excited! Super.

I don't think Walker quite understands what it means, but Wilson keeps telling him anyway. So adorable.

We covet your prayers. As we prepare. As we plan. As we wait...

Hopefully I will have pictures to post tomorrow. =)


  1. And just think - the more kids you have, the more scatterbrained you get...that's why moms make lists. LOL.

    We are so excited for you and the kids to be able to have Brad home for R&R!! Seriously, I get teary eyed (with happy tears) when I think of how much that time will mean to you.

  2. EEEE! It's getting closer day by day. I'd love to say that the whole "fragment" thing gets better as the youngins get older. Sorry to say that it doesn't. Thankfully we live under a covering of grace and forgiveness! :)