23 September 2008


Ok, my friend Amy did a tidy little post about her Tuesday in the form of a list of seven. And because I am so giddy and what-not (you know why I am giddy right, I did tell you that Brad will be here on Saturday, right??? Ok good, just double checkin!), I thought this would be a nice way for me to go about posting this evening... here goes.

1. Taught Wilson how to use a little (toothpaste amount) hair gel to get his little front part to stick up (he is REALLY into this right now & today was school picture day!!).

2. Took big girl to get her hair cut in preparation for The Man to come home.

3. Found out that there is a GIANT spider on the loose in the Aztec and was rather creeped out about it every time I re-entered the vehicle. The discovery was made while the 70 lb dog was on the leash and the 26 lb toddler was on my hip. No chance of killing a spider under those circumstances... and it was one of those fast, stealthy kind... Oh, and it made its appearance known by dropping from the ceiling and brushing by my bangs EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (not the good kind of shrieking).

4. Took Walker to the doctor because in his words, "my ear bugging me." One tube is barely hanging on and there is a lot of fluid behind it. Thankfully there isn't an infection yet, but the doc gave us a script - justincase. And some sudafed to try and clear things up before an infection starts...

5. Picked up a few things around the house. While Walker got a few things out...

6. Went to pick big girl up from her haircut but had to turn around half-way there because I forgot the 'pet supplies' envelope. And heaven knows her haircuts cost a whole lot more than mine =) So we turned around, got her $$$, and headed back out.

7. Chased big girl up the street and between the fences after Walker accidentally let her out the front door. Apparently she thinks she is all that in her new haircut!

Yeah, Amy's post was much tidier than mine...


  1. And people wonder what domestic goddesses do all day.... doesn't sound like a day of eating Bon Bons to me. It's not like Mussy to run when the door is open is it????
    I know how much you hate spiders and for that one to make his appearance like that is definately a death sentence(if you can catch him).
    I love to pic of Wil.... he already has his preteen look in practice.

  2. I am so excited for you! sounds like you are a good kind of busy!

    Praying for more sunny days!

  3. I love the whole thing...Saturday is so quick!! Love you kiddo, sorry about the spider, and the ear tube thingy, give Walker a hug for me, and no wonder Wilson is such a GQ man, I remeber his mother at his age telling me "NO way can I wear that with THOSE, they just don't match right!" Obiviously diva genes are a lot like GQ genes!

  4. Haha! Too funny. I can relate to it all and it totally made me laugh. Abby always loves to escape when I am in my pajamas (the really comfy pants with the big hole so my bright blue undies show, but are so comfy i can't throw themt out) and have crazy bed hair and no shoes in sight!:) I can only imagine what the neighbors say about me...

    And as for the spider thing, I think i am going to go spray all around my car just for good measure... ick!

  5. no...yours was much more interesting...

    love you