07 September 2008

sunday best...

...I just had to snap a couple of pictures of the boys after church today. Wilson HAD to wear his tie; therefore, he HAD to wear a long sleeve shirt. (Thankfully our church cranks the AC). seriously, cuties, huh?
then we got to do our first homework assignment of the year. I tried REALLY hard not to be THAT parent... you know the one that pulls out the scrapbooking box and diecuts for the "All About ME" poster. Thankfully, we have raised our little man to be an independent thinker and he prefers his own ideas to mine...
Of course, I had to make a mini-version for this guy or Wilson would've never gotten his work done!
And the finished product (see, I didn't do it for him!!! I'm so proud of myself- oh, and of course, of Wilson too...)
and Walker's finished product. Uhm, yes, that is a sock on his hand... Don't ask...


  1. I love those "all about me" posters. The kids are always so proud of them when they are completed. Way to go Wilson for doing it all by yourself! Thats awesome. Both he and Walker look adorable and I dig his tie, Colson will be jealous he loves to wear ties.

  2. I love the "individuality" of your littlest guy...the flip flops and sunday's best...that is great!

    Wilson did a great job with his poster! He is really growing up fast!

  3. Big Willie is lookin' pretty suave in that first picture...watch out, Ladies!!!

    Good job in not doing Wil's project for him - it IS hard not to get too involved, isn't it?? Ya done good, Mama!!

  4. Love the pictures of the Sunday attire! They look such handsome. And the posters look great and it's obvious he is proud of his poster and doing it by himself. Too, cute.

  5. Did you have to tie your hands behind your back? Did you help a little with "constant motion" man? Wilson and that tie are fantastic. Love that pics!