11 September 2008

we remember (well, technically, I do...and tell them)

I got an email about 3 weeks ago about how everyone should fly a flag on September 11 as a sign of unity within our country... I seriously think post should just provide us with flags, but whatever... I nearly bought a flag and pole set for our front column; but I was going to go with the $9.99 one at Hobby Lobby and something tells me that wouldn't be the best quality flag...


this morning the boys' and I watched the Fox News September 11 tribute that was about 20 minutes long... As it happened, I tried to narrate as much as possible to help Wilson understand how terrible that day was... I told him that those airplanes had regular moms & dads on them; some grandpas and grandmas that might have been going to visit their grandkids. That some evil people that hate us just because we are America took those planes over. I told him that no one knew what would happen next. That we were scared. When there was an image of someone falling from one of the towers, I told him that those people knew they wouldn't be able to get out of the building because of the fire and that they thought jumping out might be their best choice. I told him about the moms & dads, sons & daughters on Flight 93 that made a decision to try to get their plane back and that they saved many peoples' lives because of their bravery. I told him that was the day that Daddy started thinking about joining the military.

Afterwards, they began the memorial at Ground Zero with a moment of silence and then the name-reading. Did you see it? It began with three children remembering their daddy. The eldest boy spoke first and said they were wearing soccer jersey's because they remember playing soccer in the front yard with their dad. He went on to list a few other things he remembered about his daddy. Then he said, "I wish I could remember more, but I was so young when he died." I think he was 6 when his daddy died.

And as I sat with my boys on the couch this morning; I realized how small our sacrifice is in comparison to those first losses in this war on terror...

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of my husband's choice to serve her. I am proud that God has chosen our family to walk this path.

We put our little flags out front after we got dressed. Our little flags that have waved at Uncle David's graduation, at Daddy's graduation and at a handful of parades.

We won't forget. And I am going to make sure these boys understand why this day is so important.


  1. Way to make me CRY, Amanda!!

    It's so cool that you explain to the boys what happened - and in a way they can understand (as much as anyone can understand why something like that happened).

    Go USA!!

  2. Nice job mamma! I, too, talked with mine about that day, where we were, what we were doing. Dakota was getting ready for preschool. I remember the staff all gathered in the office. I remember shielding Dakota's eyes and ears from a couple of the scenes unfolding on TV. I remember the sky being so eerie and quiet when the planes were grounded. It was almost like the world stood still wondering what to do in the aftermath. I remember.

  3. Can you say Loser? I didn't even realize what day it was until I layed down to sleep last night. Ugh! We did buy one of those cheap flag poles & flags (it's above the huge flowering plant in front). It's a little weathered but it is nice having one outside. I think we bought it in June.