26 September 2008

what's been goin' on round here the last few days...

Walker LOVES our free potato masher... he helped me make some banana choc chip muffins & some banana bread on Wednesday. He is very serious when working in the kitchen. Very. Oh, here are some pics from our program on Thursday at Bible study. I had so much help setting everything up...
Oh, this is my ex-friend, Nicole. You know, Gavin's mom. Unfortunately we won't be able to hang out anymore because someone asked me the other day... get ready... IF SHE WAS MY DAUGHTER! My daughter. Yes, I am 4 years older than her, but still. Do you think people think Brad is my oldest son???? Farewll, Nicole, its been nice knowin' ya...
And here's a close-up of all the goodies and fabric and what-not...
Honestly, all the fru-fru stuff is not my thing. But, this is the job God called me to. And I stress to my team that we MUST keep God the focus and let Him lead us. Hence, we go with simple. Very simple decor.

I am not certain that I will be able to give yesterday's program justice if I try to describe it. Can I just tell y'all that God is good. He is so good. He knew I would need something to focus on and work hard at during this very exciting (!!!) time in our family. And yet, He also knew that I would be a little distracted and scattered. He met all the needs beautifully, wonderfully... as He ALWAYS does!

Our theme was "Beautiful Feet," based on a scripture from Isaiah (52:7). Some detail-changes came up last minute and I got to speak and share a word with the ladies. I first began by thanking everyone for seeing an invitation that said, "Beautiful Feet" and having faith to come on out anyway! From there on though, I must say the Holy Spirit truly spoke through me, and guarded my mind from distracting my heart. It was humbling and exciting. We had a great discussion time at each of the tables afterwards which was followed by another woman giving her testimony about working in the prison ministry (wow!!). At the end another lady on our team closed with a prayer of salvation... and one lady in our presence met Jesus for the first time yesterday. So amazing to see how the Lord used so many different women to draw one to Himself.

Here is another reference of that verse in the new testament...

How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things" Romans 10:14-15

What a blessing to be a part of this Bible study! What a treasure!

As for the rest of the time until Brad arrives... my friend Jenn is coming over this afternoon with her boys so all the boys can play. Then later we are going to watch the Debates (if they are still going to be on... haven't watched any news today). We are sort of dorks but are trying to pull Barbie into the political fun tonight as well!

Fresh tortilla chip-buying
etc, etc, etc

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you for your continued prayers....


  1. I'm so glad to see that the Lord found a way to keep your mind busy! I'm watching the clock too, wish I could be there, but I know how precious this time is! Love to all!

  2. I'm so excited for your reunion tomorrow!!!

    And how cool about that lady accepting the Lord at your meeting? Awesome!

  3. Thinking of you all day today!