23 October 2008

getting back to normal...

Our little patient is recovering quite rapidly! He continues to drink as normal and is eating here and there. Praise God! I thought the boys looked so cute stretched out across the floor coloring... Ironically right in front of the little desk and little folding table...

Yesterday when Nicole & Gavin stopped by, a snowball fight broke out... a PAPER snowball fight that is!

Gavin and Wilson had a blast throwing "snowballs" at Grandpa. (The roll of coloring paper accidentally unrolled and somehow the snowball fight started...)

Here's the little man in his robe. If you think he looks a little puffy, its because he has his newest blankie wrapped around him under his robe... Seriously, its ALWAYS something with him! (Check out his new blankie here... such a clever idea, thanks Miss Barbie!!!)


  1. so cute those two guys are! The coloring pics are adorable and I love the intensity of their faces! So happy to hear that the little guy is doing so WELL I am sure that it makes Brad rest easier. Thanks for keeping us updated too!

  2. I had to look twice at the first picture.... I thought it was Wilson. I am glad that he likes his new blanket. I love making things and being able to share them.
    I want to have a paper snowball fight...can we come over????
    I am so thankful that Walker is recovering quickly. God is great!!!!