10 October 2008

happy birthday to us...

...happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear us, happy birthday to us.

we celebrated all 4 of our birthdays TOGETHER yesterday. Such fun! Walker and Daddy give each other a quick squeeze in the driveway... Wilson and Daddy pose over the birthday meal. Meatloaf is Wil's favorite--and actually, we all pretty much like it. YUM!
We surprised Wilson with a birthday Pinata. I do not know why, but he LOVES them. He really wanted one for his birthday this summer, but since he didn't have a party, he didn't have a pinata. He was pretty surprised last night!
Daddy helped Walker take aim...
...even Mommy got a shot at it!

It was kinda small, and more like a really thick cardboard box so it was hard to break open... Wil & Daddy got through it eventually...And then came the candy!
Here is our birthday cake that Logan decorated for us. It was a four-color-rainbow, one color for each of us.

Make a wish!


  1. cute cute cute! Way to go Logan on the birthday cake decorating! Awesome! Glad you all enjoyed your belated birthday bash!

  2. I've got a great idea, let's just celebrate birthdays all the time...I think Logan would do a birthday cake if we ask! Happy Birthday to YOUS!

  3. What a great idea.. I love the pinata.... the pic of blowing out the candles is priceless.

    Logan was very happy to be able to make the cake for you. Thank you for asking her. That made her feel very special.

  4. May all of your wishes come true!