30 October 2008

I guess there's an upside...

...to the economic down-turn. $1.97 a gallon. For everyone, no strings attached - not if you buy the $10 car wash or if use your credit card or anything... $1.97! Technically, I didn't HAVE to fill-up today... probably could've watied another day or two... Part of me didn't even want to fill-up, because the gas in the tank was put there by Brad when he was home... I kind of like to savor things like that. (Don't worry, I still have the steak seasoning out on the counter from when he grilled some steaks while he was home. It'll stay there awhile longer... I'm still savoring the idea that he was in our house not too terribly long ago.)

Ok, back to the gas. I heard on the news that gas prices might go back up because the value of the dollar is dropping (oh my!), so I figured if I wanted to pay less than two dollars a gallon I had better do it today. I had to snap a picture with my cell phone, just so I could remember it =)

When I went to pick up Wilson from school the price was $2.08. Gas prices don't impact our budget too terribly much because we only fill up twice a month and our tank is only 16 gallons... But still, every bit counts...


  1. p.s. Walker had a great day!

  2. Wow! I know when George sees that he is going to be incredulous! Glad Walker is doing good, hope he keeps up the good work so you can start to reap some of the benefits from the removal of those traitorous tonsils! I'm glad you kept the seasoning out....it works, I used to use that trick when you guys would visit in California! Have a great day kiddo! Love ya!