28 November 2008

fun fun fun!

shake those tail feathers Mr. Turkey! Thank you everyone for sending back those feathers this year. The boys have so much fun reading them all and Wilson is into hanging them this year too. By far one of my favorite parts of this season! Here is the bird from Curry & Barbie's yesterday. Smoked - yum! I only took pictures of the turkey yesterday; I guess I had a one-track mind =)

Barbie and I braved the crazies for some deals this morning... Actually, we didn't encounter many crazies, and although there were a TON of people at Wal-Mart, we didn't have to wait in line long anywhere. Our lists were pretty simple, and for the most part, we would've been ok if we didn't find exactly what we were looking for... However, I did get EVERYTHING on my list, and a tiny bit more. Really; it was a lot of fun - lots of giggling -lots of memories. And besides all that, I am pretty much done shopping for Christmas. And in this town, that is a very good thing. The stores are CRAMMED from here on out... kah-ray-zee

This evening we worked on some Christmas cards for Daddy. His package is going in the mail tomorrow... his PJ's are all done! Only three pair to go!

And I did find a tree-topper today at JoAnne's. Not the one I had first planned on. Wilson insisted on putting it on... his reach was just a wee-bit short though...

He took this picture after I hung up our star. I love the angle, I imagine this tree looks really big to him!


  1. Thanks for joining us on Tanksgiving.. we enjoy having you all over. I think my hubby did a great job on the turkey.

    We did have fun; we did laugh alot; and we did make some memories. You were a little more awake when we got to Starbuck's than I thought you would be.....hee hee.

    I love the tree topper. I think it is the perfect addition to your beautiful tree.

  2. Man, wishin' I could've been shopping with you guys. But I was pretty cozy in bed! Glad you had a good time! You deserve it!

  3. The Turkey's look great, both the cooked one and the hanging one! The tree looks terrific...I would love to see it in person, but I'm afraid I just can't figure a way to do that.

    I was personally aware of the good time you were having since I got to be part of the joke when you tricked me into thinking I woke you up....brat!