16 November 2008


oh my stars! I mean, truly.

I had the best weekend with the ladies of PWOC. There were 1000 or so of us... The days were full of some great workshops, I can't wait to look at all of my notes again and soak it in. The guest speaker was funny and brought us a word for sure. The worship was amazing - totally different than anything I have ever been a part of; but tremendous nonetheless. I was especially blessed by my roommates, wow, did we have some good chats about what our God is doing in our lives! And I was even blessed to run into a few ladies that have moved from here...

This is my friend, April, and I at dinner. She moved last winter right before Brad deployed. When they got to their new station, her husband deployed about 6 weeks later. It was wonderful to exchange stories of God's goodness in our lives and His provision as we walk this difficult path...
And here is a shot of the regional chaplains taking their new positions. The conference was peppered with a few men here and there. When they were on stage - in uniform - it reminded me of how truly blessed we are to be able to practice our religion so freely in this country. There have been many sacrifices to provide this freedom. I do not take it for granted.
Thank you for your prayers for us. We had a terrific time... the boys - were well-cared for, and apparently Mussy has a new taste for Wheat-Thins. I am overwhelmed by the Love of my Savior, and by the way He expresses it... through opportunities, through friendships, through moments in His word. He is so good. All the time.


  1. glad you had a great weekend, glad you made it home safely, and glad the boys were well cared for! Isn't it just refreshing to get away, to sit, to listen, to participate and to be blessed?

  2. Oh, so good to hear you were blessed! I thought of you often over the weekend!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend was had by all. I'm so glad for you!

    Started working on my Dear Army Family cards today - you know, I didn't realize how emotional it was going to be. I have cried and prayed over each card I have written. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  4. Glad you had fun hun! I was really jealous of Miss Barbie and Kim...I miss all the fun that those three have to share with the world!

  5. Good for you Amanda! I am glad that you had a great time being challenged by the Word and being able to fellowship with all those women and sharing with one another about what God is doing.