06 November 2008

I ♥ school projects...

...it might be the elementary teacher in me. Or it might be the elementary student in me. Either way, I love getting out the craft box. And I only help when asked... believe me, I had a bit of a different vision for the ultra-long-yellow-tail-feather. I think the whole school does these, but I am not positive. We had a WHOLE week to decorate, so I knew I had to bust out the craft box for it... And the craft box has been eagerly holding all kinds of gaudy treasures worthy of this tail-feather... And, wouldn't you know, Walker wanted in on the action too...
Seriously, could I BE more blessed??? (And yes, once again, I forgot to take a picture of the end result...)

NOW, I have a school project for you... Remember when I mentioned the "Dear Army Wife" idea?? Well, our outreach team leader from PWOC has been relentlessly contacting all-the-right-folks on-post to get this done. We have decided to broaden our scope to include all Army families on our post with a deployed family member. Which even includes parents of single soldiers... So we are hoping to gather 2000 extra Christmas Cards to remind these families that their sacrifice is cherished, and that they are being prayed for by people across this country. If you would like to participate in this project, please email me and I will send you the 'official' details. I don't know how to do a fancy link to my email so I will just type it here in that covert fashion so as not to get picked up by the spam-blog-o-matic-generator-of-junk-email... (Except, I don't know if that could happen because our blog is kind of private?!?!) Here it is: cmbtmedic at gmail dot com

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