30 November 2008

its that time of year!

yeah, he kinda thinks he's a big deal... in his brother's socks... gettin' a closer look at the tree - we had a near collision today involving an empty laundry basket... who needs toys anyway???
last year, after Christmas I wrapped 24 of our Christmas/Winter story books for a little fun Christmas countdown... I got them out last week when we got the decorations out, and tonight Wilson said, "I am sick of not opening our presents..." Tomorrow we unwrap our first book. I cannot believe it is December already... wow! (I think I read this idea in Family Fun a few years ago, and finally decided to implement it!)

And today was the first Sunday of Advent. We moved our wreath to the table this year. I thought it would be fun to have some candle-lit Sunday dinners this month. The first time I remember ever seeing an Advent wreath was at South in Lansing after Brad & I were married. Barbie gave us this one last year along with a print-out of the verses to read and the prayers to go with it; I like the quiet reminder of the excitement of the coming King!

Plus tomorrow I get to start reading the book that I wrote about last year. (Click here if you want a reminder). I sent Brad a copy of it too - I hope he gets it soon. Its a great way to focus on what this time of year is all about... There are so many things that could pull us in different directions, and what a shame it would be if we missed this - a joyous celebration of our Savior!


  1. The Advent wreath is exciting isn't it, I've always wondered why it wasn't a part of the celebration at all church's. It does make you stop and think how exciting this time of year truly is.

    Glad the book that JoDee gave you is still getting use, isn't it nice to have something that just jogs our minds a little. I love the picture of Wilson and Walker looking at the candle, and could Walker possibly get any closer to the tree?
    Love you kiddo, wish I was on my way down for the whole month of December! I want to just hang out and soak up the wonder through the kids eyes!

  2. I love the advent celebration but it was something we never heard much about when the kids were growing up. We had our "lighting of the greens" candlelight service last night. It was so beautiful!

    Great idea with the Christmas books too! You sure come up with some "fun" stuff for those little guys!

  3. LOVE the idea of wrapping 24 books!!! I need to do that for next year! You're a great mom!!