29 November 2008

life lessons...

If you are going to brave the crowds on Black Friday and you decide to set your coffee-pot timer to aid you in that endeavor... always, ALWAYS, remember to reset it the next day... otherwise you will awake to luke-warm coffee. Terrible, just terrible. (but mom, the caramel mocha is so good!)

Brad is considering buying me a one-cup coffee pot for the bedroom to ease my transition from bed to the kitchen... Isn't he thoughtful? (just in case you don't know, that is a joke - that seems a bit too much like the Seinfeld when Kramer had the disposal in his shower...)

Another lesson I learned the hard way this week...

Wilson is much too old to try to pull a fast one on.

I went by K-mart on the way to Barbie's on Thanksgiving because board games were buy one get one free and one of our boys from the Angel Tree wanted board games. Well, they were such a good deal, and we were there already, so I thought, "Why not get one for each of our boys too??" I asked Wilson to point out a couple that he would like, and then told him not to look in the cart. He agreed to the plan - in theory. However, he has been talking about getting out his Chutes & Ladders, and I think he even thinks I bought him ALL of them that he liked, rather than just one. And furthermore, when he was telling his Meme what he wants for Christmas, at one point he told her a game and then whispered, "But I think my mom got that one for me..." Wow. And this at 5.


  1. Oh, but wouldn't it be nice to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee??? (I know, I'm not helping, am I??) I'm not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the smell of it.

    Uh-oh - Wilson is on to you, little missy! I guess that will be the last time you get to Christmas shop for the boys with them in your presence, eh? Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, wasn't it?

  2. All you have to do is take Wilson to school and go shopping with Walker and all will be well, except Walker will probably have the packages open and the contents distributed evenly about the car before you get home!

    Glad you liked the coffee even cold, I'll have to see if I can find somemore of it and bring it with me on the next trip!