24 November 2008

sleepy-candy-lovin' walker j

...I snapped this picture the other day on our way home from a little shopping excursion (nothing too exciting, we were in Lawton). I had bought some of Bob's soft peppermint sticks, Walker was pretty tired and fell asleep eating his... We were in line at the gate when I realized he was STILL eating the peppermint stick even though he was asleep - sorry its grainy, I don't even know if you can tell his eyes were closed. I thought it was so adorable though.

He finally just laid the thing on his pants. Nice.


  1. that little guy is something else! I just love it when they are just all "done in" and fall asleep anywhere.

  2. Wish I could fall asleep like that...anywhere, that is. Guess that would be kinda bad since I'm usually the driver.