05 November 2008


..hammer time! (I couldn't resist). Lots of history being made this week. Some bigger than others... For the first time in history, I got to participate on the PTA as a "P" rather than a "T." I was helping at the Giraffe Strong Arm game. They had a little Safari Carnival in conjunction with the scholastic book fair. The PTA pres. told me just to bring the kids along... It was SUPER crowded when we got there, but it thinned out pretty quick after 7pm. The boys actually really liked helping for about 35 minutes of the hour... Wilson even said, "Mom you are being so nice to the kids!" (Hmmm... I haven't let myself ponder that one too much...) Walker got a wee-bit bored... Found some lip gloss in my purse..
And of course, you know, he had to put it in the corner of his eyes... that is what you do with lip gloss, right???
Ok, more history. I received the TRIPLE CROWN of written warnings. Yes, that's right. I found myself parked on the side of the road in front of flashing lights - again! On our way home from the big Safari no less. I saw Mr. Police Officer when I pulled out of the school, so I was driving super cautiously. Ok, probably too cautiously, but the more I think about it the worse I get - that's why normally when I drive, I try not to think about it at all. I was going to type out all the details -blah blah blah- but I will tell you this much. Wilson was a champ with the running commentary. Starting with "Ok, so this is your THIRD time..." and wrapping it up with, "What kind of cop is he?" "Wil he is a Fort Sill Cop." "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, so now you have one from every..." I cut him off there.

The light bulb that illuminates my license plate was burnt out. I got a warning and 24 hours to fix it. Which I did yesterday. By myself... well, with tech support from Carl. Thanks, Dad! I had to wait until I talked to Brad before I blogged about it. I don't like him to find out news here... and with it being such a historical week here, you can see why I had to wait. Chances are he won't be on this blog the whole time he is out on this mission, but I still like to talk to him about things like this. (And you know if I tried to keep it quiet, Wil would certainly tell him first thing even if I gave him a strict reminder that Daddy only has a few seconds to talk on the satellite phone...)

Last night, to top off our all-American meal (aka KFC), we had a red, white, & blue dessert. What with the election and all - why not make it special??

It was just strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and blueberries. Oh, and of course, Redi-Whip. Wilson burst into tears about two seconds after this picture because "I only like blueberries that come right off of the plant!" (these were formerly frozen of course.) His real problem however, lies in the fact that he will NOT partake of the redi-whip. I couldn't even taste my blueberries!


  1. You are a super cool mom. I think you win the award for this week and it's only Thurs.!!!

    You also win the "I got a "warning" ticket from every kind of poilceman in Ok and my kids always do some thing crazy while I am getting my warning" award.

    We were suppose to go berry picking this summer and never got around to it. Maybe we can take the kids pecan pickin' instead.

  2. Wil makes me laugh. I love hearing stories about him. Of course, W2 always has an adventure of his own to share, doesn't he?!

  3. Amanda - you never cease to crack me up.

    Triple crown. HA!

    You're so fun with the festive desserts, too! WAY more fun than I'll ever be. *sigh* My kids would be jealous - except I don't tell them all of the cool stuff you do. LOL

  4. yeah...awards awards awards....such fun for all of you...I just can't imagine how in the world all the "policeofficers" in Oklahoma know you....and how in the world would you ever know the light on your license plate is burnt out unless Wil is driving the car away while you are standing in the driveway and you notice and why in the world is Wil driving your car....that would have to be a bigger ticket...I have seriously been thinking about this and I just cnat figure out how anyone would know their light was burnt out without getting pulled over, so maybe just maybe all that policeman does is look for burnt out license plate lights...and where was Walker when Wil was driving your car away anyway?

  5. mom, I think you need to start taking your meds again =)

  6. Election themed dessert! I so jealous!