23 November 2008


Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting. Psalm 118:1

We had a pretty low-key weekend. We hauled out the Christmas stuff except for the tree... (more on that later). I had to leave one part of the house for Thanksgiving though... Look what I got from Barbie! I have been TOTALLY coveting Barbie's set of Pilgrims since last Thanksgiving. Her mother-in-love makes these things...aren't they awesome! Thanks Barbie! Now Wilson can tell me all about their trip over here to America on that Mayflower-thing! And oh so exciting.... The Dear Army Family cards are starting to roll in! Wow, I didn't realize how cool it would be to see them all...

Wilson was diligently setting up one of the nativity sets before his shower tonight --a few minutes later Walker threw them all on the floor. So I explained to him who all the characters were and said, "We shouldn't throw baby Jesus." And Wilson said, "Mom, its not the REAL baby Jesus!" (I'm glad we got that cleared up, now what's this thing they call the Mayflower??)
Trying to snap a quick Photo of the Month -hmmm, maybe a little over the top on the cheese Walker.
and yes oh yes, its time to start those PJ pants... I know the flannel is going to be SUPER cheap on Black Friday, but I just HAD to start Brad's tonight... the time is short... It was kind of relaxing (except for the part where I tried to re-fold the patterns, are you kidding me???). We'll see if I still get that relaxing feeling when I get the ol'sewing machine a'hummin.


  1. Aww...the pilgrims are SO cute! Glad you were able to get a set of your own.

    Whew! It's a good thing you've got Wilson there to keep you straight on your facts about important stuff like the baby Jesus and Mayflower. Otherwise you'd be in trouble!!

    You know - I was thinking about your Black Friday comment with the fabric - I think realistically, you don't "save" a whole lot. I mean, you get up at the crack of dawn (okay, the middle of the stinkin' night!) to go stand in line to get into a store. Then you get into the store, get your fabric, and stand in line for hours waiting to get it cut. Then you have to stand in line to pay for your stuff (more hours...) By the time you're done, you've "spent" your whole day standing in lines to save a few dollars. I only say this because I did that one year and decided never again...(no offense to anyone who likes doing that - I just didn't really enjoy it myself!!)

    Hope you get all the Army Family cards you need (and then some!)

    BTW, I LOVE Walker's "cheese" in the Photo of the Month!!

  2. Cutting out is my least favorite job, so it looks like you have a great head start on things. Black Friday is not worth the hassle in my book either Julie...it really is just a crazy marketing move that should be stopped by all of us sleep loving people. If they can afford to put those things on sale in the first place, why not keep it on sale? Last, the nativity set looked great, Walker probably just had a different take on the way that it should be set up!

    Love you all!

  3. Okay Julie and Yaya, what else are we suppose to do in this town for fun???
    I agree on the part that the deals are lots of waiting but when you go with a friend and you laugh and laugh all the while standing in line... it's all about making memories. I don't know that I have ever been one of "those" people that hit the jack pot but I do know that it is always memorable. (come join us next year)

    Amanda, I am glad that you like the pilgrim dolls. One thing that I love about the military life is each year when you decorate you have little reminders of those that have been a part of your life.

  4. Barbie thinks I am going to be laughing early in the morning...

    maybe after some coffee =)

    I totally hear you, Mom & Julie... and I agree with you for the most part. But Barbie and I are looking at the whole thing as an adventure rather than deal-hunting. You know, like the guy who goes hunting with his buddies and they never kill anything but they have a great time anyway (after coffee)... that is the plan. And I am REALLY hoping no one else in Lawton wants to make PJ pants out of that star fabric because I need 5 more yards for $1.49...

    for real, come with us, it'll be fun...

    p.s. my aunt (Denine) and my cousins go out every year hoping to witness insanity. And I am guessing they are never disappointed...