26 November 2008


Wilson was so anxious to hang the ornaments on our tree (its a loaner... I was going to buy one on Black Friday, but thankfully the Clements fam had a spare in the attic... now we can wait to pick one out next year!) Anyway, Wil finished his breakfast before 8 am (no school today), because he was READY! However, I postponed it until this afternoon...
They especially liked picking through Daddy's box-o-ornaments...
(Thanks Mom L for gathering them through the years, I have never appreciated them more than I did today!)
Walker was really excited to hang this canoe on the tree!
When I was taking the finished picture, Walker was yelling, "TADA TADA"
I am not sure what we are going to do about a topper. Ms. Angel had an attitude today and I just might never speak to her again... Brad, I am so sorry that I was less-than-sympathetic last year when you had issues with her... There is a star-topper at JoAnne's that matches the pom-pom garland Rene gave us... Hmmmm....

And here is a little table-top tree we got from Grandpa & Grandma Lewis. It has red lights and came with blue bulbs (and baseballs, but I sent those to sis). So the boys and I made a garland with yellow ribbon and red, white & blue beads. I bought some little silver ornaments to add...

And we wrote the last names of deployed soldiers that we know on the silver bulbs, so we can think about them throughout the Christmas season. I like the reminder that we aren't the only ones walking through this...


  1. What a beautiful tree! I am sure the kids were so anxious especially Walker once he knew what was happening. I just love little kids Christmas Spirit! It's so contagious. What a precious idea with the deployed soldiers bulbs! Way to go Girl! aren't you just the smart one!
    I hope your day is filled with sweetness and know that we all miss you, Brad and the boys! Hopefully you got our Turkey Feathers? I mailed them last Saturday.

  2. The tree is beautiful. I am sure in all of the craziness of tomorrow, we'll find something for the top.

    I love that you are always thinking of others and teaching that to your boys. You are a super cool mom.

    Hey, is that the great "find" that Walker is standing on???

  3. You have got to be one of the most thoughtful people I know!

    What a great idea with the soldier's names on the tree.

    I LOVE the picture with Walker yelling "TA DA!" AWESOME.

  4. You ARE so thoughtful of others. What an awesome gift for your children! That's one of the blssings you will give them that will always be with them. Happy Thanksgiving!