02 November 2008

truly lovely...

...describes this Sunday perfectly! Walker has been recovering well, and he was ready to get to SS this morning! Unfortunately, I discovered mold in his favorite vinyl backpack... more on that later...

While Walker was napping, Wilson and I got started on our Thanksgiving Feathers... We started by reading all the feathers from the last two years. So fun! I love his "concentrating look."Seriously, next year, he will probably be able to do all the feathers himself... he is getting SO fast and accurate with the scissors!

After Walker got up we met Nicole and Gavin at a park here on post. It was right by a nature trail, so the boys decided we should go for a walk... it was beautiful.
And look what we found... just staring right back at us... (Upper right corner) And the boys were not even being quiet - not even close to quiet!!!

When we got back to the playground, look what Walker found... He probably thought it would be a good replacement for his moldy backpack. I told him we better leave it for the little girl that left it behind.

So, any ideas for a replacement bag for our little man. This morning I let him bring his trick-or-treat bag to church with his change of clothes. He kept trying to put it up on his shoulder like a purse. But, the thing is, he really LIKES to play with his bag at home...filling it with special treasures and what not. (I think his cup spilled but I didn't know it, so I zipped it back up with his clothes...) Anyway, I am thinking of some sort of man-bag. Ideas? Anyone? Anyone??


  1. just wash the backpack the mold should come out fine. I wash all the kids backpacks at the end of school, hang them out in the sunshine and pack them away for the next year.

    What a great looking nature trail! Isn't fall the just best time of year ever? I love it!

  2. Oh that nature trail! It is so beautiful down there. John and I walked through when we first moved to OK. There was a brazen little gray bunny there that day. He just watched us go by. I am so jealous that y'all are in shorts! I am getting ready to bust out my snowsuit to wear in the house...never mind outside!

  3. I washed it out with soap and scalding water; but I'll throw it in the laundry today and see if that does the trick... Thanks!!! =)

    I guess I could make him a little t-shirt bag, if it doesn't work...