11 November 2008

Veterans, thank you for your service!

(Great) Grandpa Lewis - United States Army

(Great) Grandpa Rose - United States Army
(Great) Grandpa K - United States Navy
Grandpa (G) Lutz - United States Air Force
George (Papua) - United States Marine Corps

(Uncle) David - United States Army

Your service and sacrifice has not been forgotten. We are proud of you!

Brad says he isn't a veteran yet, but I am proud of him too =)

Don't forget to thank a veteran today!


  1. I didn't realize you have a family of Veterans. I am sure they have many stories waiting to be told. Thank you to all who have served, are serving and will serve our great nation. Thank you to the loved ones that are understanding and supportative of those who have chosen to serve our country. May this day not go unnoticed.

  2. I'm so glad you posted those pictures.I wanted to post some pictures too and it made me realize I don't have pictures of the favorite veterans in my life.
    Thanks sis for posting the pictures of grandpas.