11 November 2008

a walk to remember...

...on a day for remembering. A couple of my girls got me all teary-eyed on their blogs tonight... thanks Jenn and Amy. It gives me such peace knowing God brings me to your minds. And of course, it encourages me all the more about our Dear Army Family project. We are getting the word out, and most are eager to jump on board. I continue to pray that God will be glorified in this endeavor, that each letter will be encouraging to the recipient - and in turn to the soldier on the other end. Thanks for the support!

Wilson had the day off of school today, so we had a picnic at the park. There was a tiny bit of brisk in the air, but still sunshine to keep us warm enough. These hand-holding pictures just get me. They are such little buddies (sometimes). If you notice, Walker has his shoes on the wrong feet. And it wasn't chilly enough for a hat - that is an accessory for our little man.
Don't you just want to take a bite?

There were so many leaves to crunch under foot. I love traipsing through them... kicking all the way!

Oh, and these little booklets here. Changing our days... They are the little scripture prayer books that I have been reading over the boys throughout the day. At first, Wil was really against it, but now he likes it. And he loves to repeat the verses to me using "Mommy" in place of his name. And probably the best, this morning after I read the wake-up verse, Walker said, "again." Three times...

you can find out about them here.
Please keep us in your prayers, I will be heading down to Texas for a conference Thursday - Sunday. The boys will be with Barbie and Big girl will be with Kim. I will probably be on again tomorrow night, but it doesn't hurt to put the request out there already, right?


  1. we have just had the best fall weather possible here! so glad you are able to enjoy a few of those indian summer days too. The kids look so cute and I am sure you enjoy their romping through the leaves as much as they do. As always you make such cute little things, those praying verse booklets. Very creative!

  2. Your such a good mom, sis! I love those pics... I miss those boys sooooo much!

  3. God is blessing us with a beautiful fall this year and the weather is perfect. I am loving it. Love the booklets!!!