28 December 2008

a big day around here...

...well, for us anyway. Momma finished up the "cardboard kitchen." This little project idea was born one day while Rene and I were shopping together on etsy (thanks to the power of the internet and verizon wireless). We saw this template and thought it was cute. Well, then I thought it might be a fun project for Grandpa G and Wilson to do together. You see, Wilson has always liked play kitchens... but you can NEVER find the wooden ones at thrift shops, just those plastic ones that are always pink and girly... so... this seemed like a good alternative. Unfortunately, Grandpa wasn't here, so it was me that got to do the work. Thankfully, some friends had recently purchased VERY LARGE items so we have all the cardboard we could want (and then some)... I made some adjustments to try to make it bigger, which really lead to some mishaps. I am sure it would've been a little more precise if Grandpa had been the carpenter, (because surely Grandma G and I both could've been manning the little man) but the boys were pretty happy with it. Oh, and I gotta thank Mr. Curry for cutting some wire hangers for me! Good thing for friends! Wilson did mention that I am "the best mom ever." **grin** Wilson thinks we should paint it - the template called for contact paper, but I didn't want to buy any. We'll see how long it lasts, Walker really wants to climb inside it...
This evening we got to go pick up Uncle Nate. He was delayed out of Detroit so he missed his connecting flight from Atlanta... so he was stuck there for 6 or so hours, but FINALLY made it tonight. The boys had their signs ready (I think Walker's is a little foreboding with all that red marker...)
And the big moment! You can't even tell he is exhausted! The boys were excited, a little shy, but excited nonetheless!


  1. I'd bet if you threw in a roll of duct tape you would be a force to be rekoned with ! :) The kitchen turned out cute! or ahem...manly? What's a good masculine word for cute?
    Yeah for Uncle Nate! Enjoy your visit!

  2. Great job on the kitchen. I had a picture in my mind, but that tops what I had envisioned... (not b/c of your handy work).

    I love all of the accessories. If you can keep demoman (or should we call him the geat explorer) out of it.. it should last.

    You are such a cool mom...

    Glad to hear Nate made it safely and I'm sure your boys are overjoyed. What a great time you'll have.

  3. Great job on the kitchen!! I agree, the wooden ones are hard to find, and when you do they are SUPER expensive. Cardboard is a great idea, because when/if they get tired of it, you're really not out much! AWESOME.

    I bet the boys are now over their shyness towards Uncle Nate and are having a blast with him!

  4. Nate, is that you??? Glad to see you are alive. Not sure if I remember you since I haven't heard anything from you!!!!! Your Mother I remember when I was a kid, I got a cardboard store for Christmas (they were quite popular back in the "olden days") I had hours of fun with it. Thanks for the pics of the kitchen, it brought back good memories.

  5. That is an awesome kitchen! WOW! I vote for you for mom of the year! Glad Nate made it safely. Hope you guys have a really great time!

  6. Amanda, You did on fantabulous job on the kitchen, I am extremely impressed with your mechanical skills, you must take after your father....
    Nate I am so glad to see you survived the airport layover, delay situations in Atlanta. I have been stuck in numerous airports and people watching is about the only past time I have found!