06 December 2008

breakfast with santa...

...but first - I just had to show you all the gear Walker had to gather before he was 'ready' to run errands with me yesterday. Yes, his backpack is on; Yes, he has a camo bible in one hand; Yes, he has a parachute and a flashlight in his other hand. He is going to make a great boy scout someday =) Now, on to breakfast with Santa... This morning the FRG's combined to have a potluck breakfast with Santa. The boys were pretty excited to sit on his lap... I tried to snap a picture of them in line - but they wouldn't stop dancing... They are just like their daddy!
Thankfully, they were still on the old man's lap.

The parents (mostly moms in this case) brought a gift for each of their own children and then Santa called them back up to his lap to get them....

Mom L. do you recognize Walker's sweater and shirt??? They used to be Brad's! I think he may have gotten a bit of donut on it too...
Wilson got Chutes & Ladders - and was thrilled! (And yes, that used to be Colson's sweater vest!)
And Walker got a game too, but you can't see it in this picture. Its called Cootie.

We had a good time. They had some cards the kids could decorate for the Veteran's Center in town and a little craft too - although I couldn't really get the boys that excited about it.

Tonight's movie is Polar Express and I even found some Polar Express Hot Cocoa at Sam's today... The boys are napping from their big morning, and then we'll snuggle in for a good show. And after that I am going to be sewing... which is why I didn't wait until later to update this thing... Wish me well on the pj's...


  1. What a great photo of them with Santa. How sweet that you put Brads sweater and shirt on Walker. Brings back some precious memories for me! Glad you made use for Colson's little vest too. I have a huge pile of clothes if you want them, if not thats ok too!

  2. That's a nice looking Santa.... the pics are sweet. I loved getting Logan's pic taken with Santa. I don't think that will happen this year.

    I am sure they were wiped out when you got home. What a fun day.

    Did Wilson like the Polar Express hot cocoa?? Hope you had a fun night.

  3. that picture of the boys together and the looks on their faces with their Christmas sweaters...made me laugh OUT LOUD. it is SOOO funny.

    what a good mama you are....so wonderful.


  4. SO CUTE! I especially love that Walker had on Brad's sweater and shirt, and Wilson had on Colson's sweater. How awesome.

    Hope you have a great time sewing the pj's - I should be sewing right now, but I'm taking a "break" (or something...LOL)

  5. Awe! How cute are they?! Love the picture of Walker with all the gear. Thankfully Josh hasn't figured all that out yet!

    I posted a super easy sewing project on my soap blog I bet you'll like = )

  6. I love the duel picture with Santa, they look soooooo sweet!