21 December 2008


the bandit has been busted - or at the very least - photographed! our PWOC president gave all the board members a little gift for Christmas - I have to be honest and admit I was a little puzzled by it.

...but then I started reading it aloud to Wilson. (Walker comes by for a line here and there.) It is such a tremendous little book. Wilson ALWAYS wants me to read more than one chapter. There are only 7 chapters total. Perfect for the week before Christmas!
I had to email our president and tell her that I love it! Sometimes my face is transparent, and I wanted to make sure she knew that I "get it" now!


  1. I don't think that I have heard of the book. What's it about?

    Logan and Curry finished their gingerbread house yesterday. We had a lazy day.. Curry is trying to get better.

    Are you sure Walker isn't "Elf"?? As much as he loves candy....does he each syrup on his spaghetti????? heeheee

  2. Amanda, I'm amazed that you think perhaps your face might be transparent on some things...really? There are so many books out there that really never get opened and once you get into them you're surprised by what they hold!
    Fun Fun Fun!

  3. Yikes, those candies are disappearing fast off the roof aren't they?

    And Barbie, I think he likes anything sweet, you know you have to hide your lip gloss don't you?

  4. I can't imagine where he would get that from, as I eat a bag of kisses.
    Aunt Na