05 December 2008

easily excited...

...around here. I can hardly wait to go to the SS Christmas Party tonight to give away my "White Elephant" gift. Isn't it cute??? I got the frame at the Dollar Tree, everything else was in my scrap closet (or the internet...I just googled "elephant silhouette", have I mentioned that I ♥ google? oh, right, I may have.) And Walker was equally excited about the prospect of watching a show in my bed with BOTH of his backpacks this morning!
What can I say? Its the little things...

On a side note, my friend Kate sent me an email yesterday. She said God is teaching her "so many things that my little brain can barely contain it all..." Oh, He is so good. I know you didn't see her Tuesday, but she had the look - tears always in the eyes -sometimes spilling over -not a drop of make-up, why bother? - wondering how, how on earth will we make it... And she took that to Him and He is blessing her with treasures that only she can speak of. Because He is faithful and provides for each family exactly what they need in the way that they need it. He is good, He is amazing, He is tender, He is faithful - ALL THE TIME!


  1. I happen to love google too, and everyone in the office is always amazed when I just say here it is...

    Thanks for sharing the picture of Walker...he looks like he said okay MOM here's that smile!

    Kate will continue to be in my prayers and God will continue to bless I know!

  2. White Elephant...VERY clever! (Or cleaver, as Ande would say...LOL)

    Praying for you and the other military families who have deployed soldiers right now!!

    Hey, so how'd the Dear Army Family thing go? Did you get enough cards?

  3. Julie, we haven't gotten enough cards yet (our goal) but they keep trickling in and I suspect that the amount we get will be the amount we need (as we estimated high & didn't hear back from every unit at the time that we asked for cards...). I PROMISE I will post about it when we get them all together - another lady is collecting hundreds at her house as well - I think I have close to 500 here...

  4. Man, needed a gift for tonight...you are always SO creative!!!

  5. That was a cute gift and very appropriate for the party. You walked away with some goodies. I will be passing my "guest" book arouund for signatures and it will come back next year. hee hee