20 December 2008

gingerbread house 2008

Our little house sustained some flood damage in the initial construction phase... thanks to hurricane-force Walker dumping a cup of water on the roof... and then perhaps trying to sample a bit of the building materials (that is what I get for trying to IM my husband while the little man is awake...) Thankfully we were able to salvage our little Chalet.
Wilson really gets into his work.

Walker is an hourly worker... I think he is a union member too.
Love his concentration...

Not too bad, considering our #1 Architect wasn't here. I totally understand why it irritates Brad when I yammer while he is trying to get these walls together. (I will be quiet next year, promise). Its hard to see, but Wil wanted a snowman in the front yard... he kind of 'melted.'

I just had to include this picture. I think you can see why...

the end...

Well, except for this last shot of the post-construction vandalism to the front yard... one day we'll catch the culprit...

P.S. Yes, we did spend all day in our jammies. I think it is a perfectly delightful way to spend the Saturday before Christmas. And no, that does not mean we slept in. But still, it was nice.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I can not get over your boy's facial expressions.

    Great job on the house building.... we will construct the Clements' house tomorrow.

    A day in jammies...what great fun. Logan stayed in her jammies all day, too.

    Isn't it funny how we totally understand what our husbands are talking about... once we go through it.

  2. You're so funny Amanda!

    I have yet to attempt a gingerbread house. I don't know that I have the patience for it.

    Maybe someday.

    PS: I'm supposed to wait until the Saturday before Christmas to be in my pj's all day? SHOOT.

  3. I am so glad to see that you all are having so much fun! Of course your witty remarks are still making me smile!

    BTW, jammies all day are on of my favorite things! I would go to work in them if I could.


  4. You are a brave one, that's for sure! Never once have I attempted a GBH. We survived our day yesterday and will probably stay in jammies tomorrow!

  5. Okay Amanda, I have to say your mother is really "sick" When I first looked at the GBH, I thought you had done a take off from the wizard of oz with Santa in the place of the "wicked witch of the west". I thought that was Santa in the front, with just his belly and feet sticking out from under the house....do you see it? Squint, then kind of scrunch up your face, then squint again...there, on the left hand side do you see it? Do you? Yikes he's shrinking!