09 December 2008

(gingerbread) men and little boys...

Wilson took this decorating-business very seriously......Walker, not so much...
...but he was happy to serve as a quality control manager.
Oh, lest you think I have become some-sort-of-master-baker... We have our old friend, Betty to thank for the cookie mix. Thank you, Betty, thank you very much.

p.s. I posted about our progress with "Dear Army Family" on the other blog. (I don't really invite strangers to this here blog... you know, since I have pretty much given out every single detail of our entire lives on it.) So if you are interested... click *here.*


  1. WOW, Wil & Logan can go into business together! Good job! Love the cheese, W2!!!

  2. you all did a great job on those cookies, they look amazing. Where they for a special occasion or just for treats for yourself?

  3. they were just treats for us - the packet is like $1.25 and I knew Wilson would love it...

    it didn't too make many though.

    but they were so good, we might have to make some more...

  4. Wilson is so serious and Walker, well Walker is just Walker, always smiling! Looks like they jhad a good time. Love Sandy