19 December 2008

hair & socks

Wilson was a hair model the other day before school. He came in and asked me what I thought of it this way, so I told him I had to get a picture. He sure is a handsome little man. I believe a little lady in his class told him that this week... And he wasn't too happy about it either. Good man, Wil, good man! Fight off the girls as long as you can... Daddy made our day with some new socks... We were all giddy (well, Walker wasn't too giddy in this shot...)

We even made up a song about our new socks... I know, I should've turned the video on for that, you know there was a dance too...

I totally underestimated how cute SmartWool socks would be in Walker's size. But, of course, Brad knew. He totally gets my "love language"!


  1. oh how sweet! that son of mine totally blesses my heart. Its been a long week so I am full of admiration and love for my kids! We miss you guys more than we often share! and we LOVE YOU DEEPLY! so glad you were blessed by awesome socks because I totally know how much you both love Smartsocks! and I had no clue they made them for kids.

  2. I wish you would have taped telling me that you received the socks. The pure joy in your voice was sweet. I know you said you are easy to please and now I know you truly are.... but I am sure it has something to do with the fact that they came from your hubby... they are one of your faves(and they are SUPER cute), and you ALL have some now.

    But I will tell, Brad, that she is truly thrilled with them...... she had that high pitched and giddy voice when she told me.... good job hubby.... she is thrilled!!!!

    We love ya'll and we love ya'll socks!!!!!

  3. Ooooh Smartsocks are one of the best things under the sun! You all will have toastie tootsies for the winter! There is nothing like getting a husband package! I hope you guys have a fantastic holiday! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoox

  4. Never heart of smartwool before. Hmm. I bet JC would love those! So neat to get packages from Daddy. And that Wil...watch out!

  5. Big Willie is turning into quite the little handsome man!! He's such a doll.

    I loved Walker's expression in the first sock picture. He looks so thrilled.

    I've never heard of Smartsocks, either, but I loves me some cute stripey socks, so I'm going to have to check them out. The big kids would love them too! And Puckey & Jib certainly need some socks to keep their sweet little piggies warm!

    Brad is such a sweet guy! His mama raised him right, huh Cindy?!?!?!